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Make an appointment

A first appointment is requested via the application forms below. If you wish, you can indicate a preference for a therapist (from the children and youth team or adult team) and for a location (Madou Agora). If you do not indicate a preference, the team will decide who will take up the request.

If we can answer your question, you will receive a reply within a week with an invitation for an intake interview to clarify your request for help. If we cannot offer an appointment, we will provide suitable referral addresses.

The supply of therapists is greater during the day than after school or work hours. For children and adolescents, a certificate of absence from school can be drawn up.

More information about rates and reimbursement by the health insurance can be found elsewhere on the website. Payment is in cash, by instant bank transfer or via a QR code (using your bank's payment app). Cancellation of an appointment is free of charge up to two working days in advance. In case of late cancellation, a compensation will be asked in the value of the session price. New appointments are only possible after payment of the compensation. Please notify the therapist in case of delay

An appointment for children and adolescents

An appointment for adults


Therapeutisch Centrum Vijfhoek
Vestiging Agora 
Agoragalerij - 4e verdieping
Grasmarkt 105 bus 17
1000 Brussel



Therapeutisch Centrum Vijfhoek
Vestiging Madou
3e verdieping
Madouplein 8
1210 Sint-Joost-te/n-Node